also fun fact; coldplay is the band ive seen live most, they’ve been my one of my favourites for the longest amount of time, and they’re the only band i have a tattoo inspired by

I dive in at the deep end. She becomes my best friend. I wanna love you but I don’t know if I can.

music   Coldplay   


A new era is coming. 

Are you ready?

Coldplay   favourite   

i have to fall asleep to music but i have this really weird thing, i can’t fall asleep to a playlist, the change in band/artist will startle me and wake me up, so if im trying to fall asleep i have to pick one specific band/artist

last night i chose kings of leon   tonight i picked coldplay   


i posted a bunch of pictures of me, and then i got that message like right after

They say you have many twins on earth. And Seamus is one of yours. Headcanon accepted.

i am completely okay with seamus being my twin



welcome to me growing up


welcome to me growing up

aka i get better looking with time   

okay i am going to bed now because i still have a throbbing head ache from the singing styles of james, and my allergies are making my eyes water and yeah im going to bed but today was pretty solid okay guys lets never forget this


You wanna hug it out?

gonna keep reblogging this   nova   immortal   creatures   

i have to accept school by may 1st

hahahhahah no pls help

third time to college here i go   also i'll be 23 when i start college this time   i am going to make no friends at all   

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